Community Ministries

Some of the ways we serve

The sunday shower service for homeless service users provides a place where they can shower,  select clean clothes  and have a hot meal.  This service has been running successfully for a year. 


During the recent lockdown we visited our neighbours to assess  their needs, to let them know we were available to support them during the current crisis, and to offer doorstep prayers .  "Eat well to keep well" was the inspiration for  donating gloves , hand sanitizers along with fruit hampers to residents in our local community.   Whilst being unable to  worship within the walls of our church, we were free to praise God outside in the courtyard. Many Passers by were happy to stop by and join in as they enjoyed our socially distant praise sessions. 


On December 5th we will be opening a foodbank to help meet the need  in the local community . Our services are all run by volunteers. Please contact us if you would  like to join a group where the focus is for people to empower people.


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